If you are over the age of 16 you can nominate a person or persons to become entitled on your death to any shares that you may have in the Credit Union.

We advise all members to make a nomination and to regularly review your nomination. Under law, a nomination is treated separately from a person’s will (or their estate), up to a limit which is set by law.

From 22nd February 2024 that nomination amount is €27,000 or whatever amount is specified by law. (Prior to 22nd February 2024 the nomination amount was €23,000).

  • Any member over the age of 16 may make a nomination.
  • The nomination is only valid up to a limit as set by law (currently €27,000). Anything over that amount must go to form part of the individual’s estate.
  • The member can at any point in time change their nomination by completing a new form. Any previous nomination is automatically revoked.
  • The members Will (or any codicil to their Will) has no bearing on the nomination form, up to the limit set by law which is currently €27,000.

  • When a member marries, any nomination made before the marriage is automatically revoked by the marriage, and no nomination will apply to his/her account unless he/she makes a new one.
  • Joint account holders may not nominate, because when a joint tenant dies, the money in the account automatically becomes the property of the surviving joint tenant.
  • To be valid a nomination must be witnessed by two witnesses and be delivered to the credit union during the lifetime of the member.

Please contact St. Francis Credit Union to ensure you have completed a nomination form.

Nomination forms are available from all our offices.