Visual Savings Card

Our visual savings card replaces our original savings stamps & allows members to save for a rainy day or for holidays fees etc.

Ideas for Savings Cards:

  • Christmas / School Books
  • Holidays / Household Bills
  • TV Licence / Car Tax
  • Insurances etc. / School Uniforms

Members will find using the Savings Card very useful method of spreading the cost of shopping, paying bills or saving for a holiday. Most members save with the card so that part of the large expense of Christmas for example is paid for by saving during the year.

Members welcome the opportunity to spread the cost of Christmas shopping, back to school expenses or holidays over the year by saving regularly.

Benefits to Members:

  • Security against theft or loss.
  • Varying amounts can be lodged (to a maximum limit of €1,200 for adults and €200 for a child) & the balance withdrawn in full or part on demand.
  • There are no transaction fees and no hidden costs associated with this account which gives you the ultimate savings flexibility.