Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section where you will find out everything you need to know about joining St. Francis Credit Union.

Q. How do I qualify to become a member of St. Francis Credit Union?

A. Joining St. Francis Credit Union is easy once you live or work in the common bond and have the relevant documentation.

Q. What documentation do I need to open an account?

A. Find out all the documentation you need to become a member of St. Francis Credit Union on our How to Join page.

Q. Can I make payments into, or out of, my account online?

A. Yes, we have an online service so you can make payments online from your Credit Union account to other Credit Union accounts, to other Irish bank accounts or to overseas bank accounts in the Eurozone.

Q. Is there a charge for electronic or online transfers?

A. All EFT services are free at St. Francis Credit Union, allowing members to use the credit union as a one stop shop for all your financial needs.

Q. Can I use my Credit Union account to pay bills?

A. Yes, you can set up standing orders or direct debits from your account.

Q. Can I make a payment with a debit card?

A. Yes, we accept debit card payments.

Q. Can I have my wages, or social welfare paid into my account?

A. Yes, you can have your wages and any other source of income paid directly into your account.

Q. Can anybody else lodge money to my account?

A. Yes, all they need is the name and account number. For data protection reasons, the receipt that we issue will have no balance details.

Q. I don’t have my book. Can I lodge, or take out, money without it?

A. You can lodge or withdraw money as normal if you bring photo ID with you. If you have no photo ID, you can lodge money and we will issue a receipt with no balance details. Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw money without photo ID.