Direct Debits

Direct Debits In: A Direct Debit can be set up to deduct money automatically from your bank account into your Credit Union account on a regular basis – Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. This is a great way to make your loan repayments. All you need to do is complete a Direct Debit Mandate, return it to us and we’ll do the rest!

Direct Debits Out: Direct Debits can also be set up to make sure that your bills are paid regularly and on time.

A Direct Debit can be set up to pay any service provider from your Credit Union account and is a simple and reliable way of making repayments of your bills. To set one up, all you need to do is provide the service provider with your Credit Union BIC & IBAN numbers, which you can get by contacting us.

Electronic Services

It has never been easier to access and manage your account with us.
We have a range of Electronic Services that mean that you can transfer money, check your accounts online and organise Direct Debits at a time and place that suits you.

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can transfer funds electronically from your Credit Union account to a bank account of your choice in a safe, and convenient way. Simply call into us to set up your EFT or if you’re short on time, you can set up an EFT through your Online Banking account.

You can also transfer funds from your bank into your Credit Union account through Online Banking or credit transfer at your bank branch – all you need is your Credit Union BIC and IBAN numbers, which you can get by contacting us.

Please note, that if you have a number of accounts with us, for example Shares, Loan and Current Account, it is important that you contact the branch in advance of sending funds into your account using your IBAN/BIC so we can correctly disburse your funds into the account(s) that you specify.

Foreign Currency

Why not save time and money and order your foreign currency from St. Francis Credit Union?

We offer a Bureau de Change and other Foreign Exchange services through FEXCO (Foreign Exchange Company of Ireland) with competitive exchange rates and low commission fees.

Members Cash Draw

The Cash Draw is our members’ chance to win some cash every quarter.


In order to participate in the draw we need your written authorisation (as per the cash draw entry form) to deduct the quarterly fee from your Credit Union account.

Valid proof of ID (passport or drivers licence) along with proof of your address dated in the last 6 months is also needed.

The total cost for 1 year to enter the quarterly draw is €36 and no commissions or fees are charged by St. Francis Credit Union on this draw.

It’s a non profit making draw.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply call into any of our 9 offices today and ask one of our staff about joining the cash draw.

Alternatively you can download the application form (link below) and return to the credit union.



PayPath is an electronic service provided by the Credit Union through which members wages/salaries are paid directly into their Credit Union current account. This is a free service to members.

Setting up PayPath:

It is an easy and straightforward process, simply pass on the following details to your wages/salaries department: Credit Union Sort Code Number and your EFT number. (Contact SFCU for these numbers). It’s that simple, your wages can now be paid into your Credit Union account.


Paying your bills or topping up your mobile is now even easier and more convenient. The Credit Union has teamed up with Payzone so members can pay almost all their household bills – and top up your pre-pay mobile phone
– in the comfort, security and familiar surroundings of the Credit Union office. So when it’s time to sort out the bills, or make that regular weekly payment, there’s no need to go out of your way or spend time writing cheques. Just use the Payzone service next time you are in St. Francis Credit Union.

Members of the Credit Union can avail of special discounts on general insurances provided by certain insurance providers.

Payroll Deduction Scheme

This is a facility for all employees in the workforce.

The Credit Union, in co-operation with your employer, provides you with the opportunity to save or repay a loan without any inconvenience to you. Your employer, with your consent, deducts a specified sum from your wages and sends it to the Credit Union where it will be used to purchase shares or make a loan repayment. This is a free service to members.

Regular Bill Payments

Regular bill payments can also be set up from your Credit Union account. Simply call into us to set up your bill payment or if you’re short on time, you can set up bill payments up through your Online Banking account.

Self-Service Machine

Members can now access their accounts using the self-service kiosk in the Credit Union.

The kiosk offers a range of services which include cash lodgements for shares and loan repayments.

Members can also withdraw from their account using the kiosk.

(please note withdrawals are only available to members who have registered to use Online Banking).